What you’ll get on our cruise

The crocs aren’t the only thing you’ll see on our cruises!

Estuarine (saltwater) crocodiles

Whistling Kites

Black Kites

Brown Kites



White-bellied sea eagle


Burdekin Ducks

Flying Fox

Arriving at the river through the bamboo walk

Croc Spot Tours is one of only four operators in the Northern Territory permitted to directly engage with crocodiles. Our boat Croc Spot carries a maximum of only 20 passengers and is specially designed for up close and personal interaction with the crocs.

This you will fully appreciate once you come face to face with our large, wild crocodiles. You will also get to know them by name and perhaps you will be interested in tracking their welfare over the years.

Our local, experienced guides ensure the crocs they work with and observe every day are treated with respect. They understand their territories, behaviour and take care of them.

You will visit the spaces that these crocodiles consider their homes and we will ensure you feel at home with them.

Please consider comments from our past guests:

‘I have done croc tours before but none compared to this one. The must do
croc tour if you’re in the area.’

 ‘…our highly experienced guide was very respectful with these amazing
creatures and is focused on conservation, animal welfare and education for
us humans rather than any flashy circus acts. Loved the trip, thoroughly

 ‘The best Croc spotting tour to be had in the NT…. thank you for an amazing
adventure. Some of the biggest Crocs we’ve seen up close in the wild.’

 ‘Had a fantastic tour…. Amazing up close experience with crocodiles. Felt
completely safe with Rex [one of the guides] who clearly knows and respects
the crocodiles. Much closer and better experience than many of the larger
tours. Highly recommended… and ‘met’ some huge crocodiles. Just brilliant.’